Jul 13, 2012

Apuseni Marathon 2012

Last year I ran the first edition of Apuseni Marathon and it was amazing. Great organization, great scenary and a lot of friends. This year it was a bit strange for me because I was close to being alone at the competition but overall I had a nice time with nice people from the Romanian trail running scene. The race was again very fast but this time it was also very hot. The first 25km were very good for me but after that I my body went into over heating and over hydratation and I felt very weak on the climb where Silviu Balan passed me. I managed after the climb to mantain a steady pace and finished 4th in the overall rank and 3rd in my age category. My friend Bogya Tamas won the race once again with a very good time. Also his little brother Gergely finished 3rd in the half marathon distance (he is only 15), beating a lot of very good and experienced runners.The atmosphere was awsome and the organization again was spotless. This marathon is organized by people with big hearts and very devoted to what they are doing and the result is a great event where you can really enjoy both running and sight seeing! A big hands of applause for the organizing team!
I need to thank Lucian Almarii for making my participation in this race possible!Thank you my friend for having a big heart. 
See you next year!

Now it is time to focus on the last exam in college and for the bigest event of the summer: Marathon 7500!Watch out for Pro Orienteering Team - Radu Milea & Daniel Stroescu!

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