Nov 28, 2010

Unirea Alba Iulia Cross Race 2010

Last 2 days I was in Alba Iulia for my club`s ceremony for the best athletes of the club. On Friday evening me and Florin Tuncu did a 8km run at a high tempo. For the next day I decided to run the annual Unirea`s Cross Race that is held every year around the Romanian National Day on the 1st of December. It was fun to see all the veterans run and also the small children. The run was about 4km (on my Gps 3.6km). My time was around 12:38 and I was 10th in my category.
The oldest person to run the race was Despina Petre, 89 years old!
HERE you can find a article from the local newspaper and HERE are some photos.

Crosul Unirii 2010

Nov 23, 2010

TICBCN 2010 - Barcelona

Yesterday night I got home after 5 days in Barcelona. I was there for TICBCN 2010. The competition consisted of 2 days (sprint and a long sprint on the Montjuic Mountain).
First of all I want to thank Oriol and Berta (and Berta`s family) who accommodated me in their house during my stay. It was very fun to stay in Barcelona a couple of days before the competition and do some site seeing and a sprint training in the old part of Barcelona!
The first day was a sprint in Barcelona. The first part was very quick and not to difficult but I lost maybe 20-30 seconds because of poor map reading. The second part was a micro-sprint with scale 1:1000 and there I lost more than 1:20 min to the first two controls. Overall I was 22 but it could have been better.

For the second day I was expecting to be very hard but did not imagine it will be that hard. I had a lot of problems with reading the map and I did some poor route choices to a lot of controls. I felt very tired to the end of the race and could not concentrate very good. My time was very bad and to make the days worse when I finished the organizer told me that I punched a wrong control that was on the way to 10th. Also on the course I jumped at high speed a 1.5m wall and I landed on my right heel, I felt the shock all the way into my spine.
The overall TICBCN 2010 was won by Oystein Kvaal Osterbo. He cashed in the prize money of 1000 euro.
I also want to thank SUUNTO, official partner of TICBCN 2010 for my new SUUNTO X10 Watch !

                                                                  Route choice with GPS

UFECTV VIDEO from the Race

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TICBCN 2010 - Barcelona

Nov 16, 2010

Barcelona - TICBCN 2010

De maine incepe aventura in Barcelona - TIBCN. De mult am planuit aceasta deplasare si desi mi-as fi dorit sa am o companie cat mai ridicata din Romania se pare ca pentru primele zile voi fi singur. La fata locului voi locui la prietenii Oriol si Berta alaturi de Oystein.
Sper sa ma simt bine la aceasta competitie, si pe langa niste rezultate cel putin decente sper sa imi incarc si bateriile psihice pentru pregatirea dificila care ma asteapta la intoarcerea acasa.