Mar 14, 2012

Shin Splints & Postavaru Night 2012


After Piatra Mare, I rested for one day and the next day I started running again I noticed a big pain in my right tibia. I finished my run but on the way home I could barely walk because of the pain. The pain was caused by Shin splints. I decided to rest and let the injury cure. I didn`t run until Postavaru Night and went there just to enjoy the race, nothing more. I thought that because the race would have been on snow I won`t feel any pain but I was so wrong!
I started a bit from the back and had to push a bit in the beginning to make it to the front pack. The problem was that after 1.5 km the pain started to appear and it was growing. I had to slow down on the big climbs because of it. The bad part was that I choose to run in the VJ Bold, to have a better grip on the big slopes, but that was the worst decision I could take because my feet were so cold that I just couldn`t feel them when I was stepping down..

I finished in 41min and something, far away from I know I can do but I just have to settle for this for the moment.
After the race we went to the cabin for the party. It was great to meet again with very nice people, good friends. The atmosphere was really nice and I could only wish we stayed a bit longer, but the bus was waiting for us so we had to leave at around 12:00.

The downhill was incredible, running on the perfect slopes, with a clear sky and only a headlight made me remember the joy of running.
Today I tried running again but still the pain was there after 1.5 km.....
I feel so bad right now and I just don`t know what can I do to make it go away because I feel very depressed at the moment...
I will post the results as soon as the organizers will put it on their web page. My next goal is to cure this injury and run the first stage of the Sprint National Championships and the cross running selection race for the orienteering national team.