Mar 27, 2012

First time in Hunedoara

Last weekend I was for the first time in Hunedoara, a nice city where we had the first stage in Parc National Champs and the Selection XC Race for the national team in orienteering. We all knew that we would run at Izvoru Muresului, like we did the last 2 years but the big snow in Izvoru Muresului made the organizers change the competition city.
The month of march for me was a curse for the last 3 years, and the selection race was always with big problems (2010 - food poisoning, 2011 - ankle sprain, 2012 - shin splints). This march wasn`t any better and I had to rest for about 3 weeks due to shin splints, but with a big miracle, one week before Hunedoara I could start running again but very slow.
As I was lacking intensity in training in the past weeks I knew that I don`t have any big chances in the sprint. I started the race a bit slower because I wanted to get very good contact with the map. I did 2 wrong route choice that costed me around 20 second and I also lost another 20 second when I fell down and hurt my knee on the asphalt.

I was 6th only 30 second away from the 3rd spot. Suciu Simion won the first stage and is in pole position to win the overall rank.
I wasn`t very sure about Sunday because I was lacking both running and uphill/downhill training in the last period. My plan was to run the long distance course - 12km (400m climb) - most of the senior class ran 6km (sprint) and 8km (middle distance).

 I started slower than most because I wanted to take time for my body, to see how it reacts to fast running again. I started pushing after the second lap and was passed a lot of people and also catched my friend Marian Ciprian (who I knew was running 12km, but he stopped at 8km). 

We were running together , each other leading for parts of the race. Meanwhile we were seeing the leading group going faster and faster (Suciu, Tamas, Szoby). After Marian Ciprian stopped I was alone and I started to feel the lack of training for a moment but I managed to push my body for the last 2 laps and finished for the first time in 3 years of running this race.

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