Feb 27, 2012

VeloCompass Ed. 2 - 2012

It is now time to talk about the orienteering project Gabriel Solomon proposed to me almost one year ago. His idea and my help became the first MTB orienteering competition for amateurs: VeloCompass 2011. It was not a big event but the feedback was really nice, so we decided to pursue this idea even more.
So, now VeloCompass 2012 is on the line and it will be a bigger event, better organized and better promoted. We hope to get more people into orienteering and I belive we can accomplish this with VeloCompass!
The even will be on the 19th of May, near Bucharest, and this year we also have Bloggers category, besides the classic Beginners (Team of 2) and Profi !
So the organizing team wait for you to enjoy MTB orienteering and explore a new way of sport!