Feb 26, 2012

Semimarathon Piatra Mare (12km) - Second Try

Update: Results

It has been a year since I ran my first race at Piatra Mare. I don`t know if I liked the race but I wanted a revenge after the falling down on the ice from last year. So there I was again waiting for the official date. It was really nice this time, because we organized a bus to take us there, so we had a good time both on the way to the race and coming back from it (Thank you Marian Tudorica and Florin Simion).
This year there were around 60 runners so the competition was bigger than last year. I had a plan to stay a bit after the leaders on the big climb and push as hard as I can on the downhill. After the start I led for 2km but lost the lead and on top of the climb I was on 5th position. I quickly passed Gica on the downhill and from there on it was a struggle to catch the guy on the 3rd position. I was seeing him very close but when I was getting close, I had to fall on my face. And so on so on until 2km to the finish when I managed to go by him and didn`t stop untill the finish.

I finished on 3rd place, beating my time from last year with 2 min, but the conditions were far better last year, mostly on the uphill part. The race was won by Vlad Florin with a very good time! Now it is time to get back to training and wait for the spring competitions...