Jan 31, 2012

Gerar 2012!

It felt like only yesterday we were running the first edition of Gerar! On the 29th of January, Ro Club Maraton organized the second edition and I must say that it`s becoming bigger and bigger. The organization was spotless and the atmosphere was great. And Gerar really lived up to it`s name, because the temperature was around -15 at the start, but after some kilometers it didn`t really matter.
We changed the team from last year, instead of Cosmin this time we had Alex Nimara. We had high expectations but it wasn`t our day. I was a bit nervous about how my body will react to this distance (I didn`t run more than 18km in training until now), but I felt great, my body responded as it always does in long races and after 10km I started feeling better and better every step. The problem was that Daniel started feeling bad and after 16km it has gotten even worse. We slowed down and lost contact with the 4th team. On the last loop of 3.5 km we were 5th but lost this position on the last km. We lost around 6-7min on the last 8km and to be honest I was a bit mad during the race and a bit disappointed after it but now I understand I can`t and won`t trade my friends for a result!
We finished on the 6th place overall with a time of 1h40min17sec.

Also my friend Costica Bulgaru ran the 3.5 cross race, and maybe if he would put more effort into training his results would be better!

Photos of Pro Orienteering Team @Gerar 2012