Jan 13, 2012

Winter Training Camp - Forban

Photos are now available!
Training camp sumary:
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There are only 2 more days left of my winter training camp. The weather was good, the atmosphere was nice and even though I had some pains in my right ankle I managed to run most of my training plan without major problems. Tomorrow we will have a test run. I will be up against Daniel Stroescu, Costica Bulgaru, Florin Tuncu, Gabriel Sabou, Cosmin Georgescu and Stefan Copetchi! It will be nice to run agains the clock. We chosed the following track: Forban - Diham - Poiana Izvoarelor - Pichetul Rosu - Diham - Forban.
Wish me luck!
As soon as I get home I will update this post with more photos (Picasa) and a resume of all my runs.