Jun 1, 2011

Few Words

The biggest goal for this spring in orienteering was the Team`s National Championships. My morale before this was high and I was feeling confident. Before the two team stages we had the Night-O Champs. I had a mixed performance, with good running speed but with some major mistakes.I am not good in Night-O and will probably never be. The bad part is that around control 16th, in the green, I hit my foot very hard in a rock and I had to walk the last controls to the finish because my big toe from the left foot was hurting real bad.

Night-O Map

The next day we had the middle distance (first stage for the teams). I started really bad and did a huge mistake in the first control ( I was distracted to the start by the flags for the kids that were looking the same as the ones from the start to the K start).After that I tried to push to recover for the lost time but no matter how hard I was pushing my body was saying NO! I just was not able to run (maybe it was because if the heat or I was just very very tired). I did some other small mistakes but my time was really bad and I finished with a very bad result not only for me but for the team also.

Middle Distance Map

For the last day we had the Long Distance, and this time it was 85% forest (not like in the middle where we had mostly open areas). If last year I was better in Middle Distance, it seems this year things changed. My morale was down before the start. I started very easy to the first control knowing what happened to me in the days before. I did only 2 mistakes (7&8 control ) and one small to the end, where I was very tired. This time my speed was better and my result the same. But because of the Horror Middle Distance, this was not enough for a team`s medal...

Long Distance Map