Jun 5, 2011

Comarnic - Timisul de Jos - over Bucegi Mountains

If someone asked me if I can run a Marathon 2 years ago I would have laughed. I already ran 2 mountain marathons and my plan is to continue doing it.Yesterday morning, me, Dan and Adi went for something bigger than a marathon (ultramarathon?). This run started with a joke of mine, coming home from EcoMarathon I sayd to Dan: "How would it be if we ran from Comarnic to Predeal?". I never thought we would ever do it.But we did it!
Yesterday morning we started running from Comarnic and the plan was to reach Timisul de Sus (farther then Predeal). The first 40 km passed very fast, the weather was nice and we had a nice companion (a small dog that followed us for 50km). We had everything on the run: sun, great views, snow, fog, rocks, rain,mud and the last part of the run was like a jungle.

The course was:
Comarnic - Cota 1000 - Vf. Paduchiosul - Cab. Piatra Arsa - Cab. Babele - Vf. Omu - Cabana Malesti - Pichetul Rosu - Diham - Trei Brazi - Poiana Secuilor - Timisul de Sus.
After Malesti, Adi started feeling bad and I started feeling very good, don`t know how was that exactly because we were running for more then 40km. A bad rain started and that made me feel not very good. The last kilometers were very bad, with a lot of fallen trees and steep slopes. But I pushed my body to it`s limits and when I saw the end I felt like I owe the world. I have to thank Adi and Dan and let them know we make a hell of a team! There are so stories from the trip that I need more then one posts on my blog to write them all.We used to Gps watches to record our run:
Track 1
Track 2 
A total of 63 km with 3500 meters climb!