May 17, 2011

Full Weekend

This weekend was a pocket full of choices regarding competitions I could have ran. There was on Saturday night, the Municipal Night Championship. A very good opportunity to test my new lamp and my rusty old night-o skills. I started the race motivated but I lost the path to the first control due to some big bushes and I lost around 3min. Then I got back on track to second control but at the 3rd I passed it by a few meters and lost again some big minutes. After this it became a race to catch up with the runners that passed me. And so I did even if my lamp`s battery was almost dead. Near the 9th control I caught Cosmin Georgescu, and he was running with a friend and they had 2 lamps so I changed mine with his and continued very fast. I caught Costica Bulgaru in the 9th and continued with him until the finish. I think I was 3rd (beating Cosmin with 20 second). Overall it was a nice run before the National Championships from Cluj, two weeks from now. Hope I can do some more night training until then.

Night Map

For Sunday I had to chose from 3 events ( The Aloe Vera Cross Race, The Cross Race organized by the Bucharest University and the In Memoriam Cup in Orienteering).

 I decided to run the Bucharest University`s Cross. It was a short a race (2.3 km) with a lot of students from all over Bucharest running. There was a big interest also from the media for this race and the as the Mayor of Bucharest gave the start. I also gave a interview for a national tv station just before the start. In the end of the race I was 7th (7:17), just outside the top 6. It was nice to see somewhere around 1000 students coming on a Sunday morning to run!!!

Because my Google account was suspended for some time I didn`t post any photo albums from the competitions I attended recently, so be sure to check my Picasa Photo Album to see photos from EcoMarathon, Velikden Cup and Brown Cup.

P.S. Please also check this new project out (Velo Compass)!

More info soon to come so watch out!