Nov 23, 2010

TICBCN 2010 - Barcelona

Yesterday night I got home after 5 days in Barcelona. I was there for TICBCN 2010. The competition consisted of 2 days (sprint and a long sprint on the Montjuic Mountain).
First of all I want to thank Oriol and Berta (and Berta`s family) who accommodated me in their house during my stay. It was very fun to stay in Barcelona a couple of days before the competition and do some site seeing and a sprint training in the old part of Barcelona!
The first day was a sprint in Barcelona. The first part was very quick and not to difficult but I lost maybe 20-30 seconds because of poor map reading. The second part was a micro-sprint with scale 1:1000 and there I lost more than 1:20 min to the first two controls. Overall I was 22 but it could have been better.

For the second day I was expecting to be very hard but did not imagine it will be that hard. I had a lot of problems with reading the map and I did some poor route choices to a lot of controls. I felt very tired to the end of the race and could not concentrate very good. My time was very bad and to make the days worse when I finished the organizer told me that I punched a wrong control that was on the way to 10th. Also on the course I jumped at high speed a 1.5m wall and I landed on my right heel, I felt the shock all the way into my spine.
The overall TICBCN 2010 was won by Oystein Kvaal Osterbo. He cashed in the prize money of 1000 euro.
I also want to thank SUUNTO, official partner of TICBCN 2010 for my new SUUNTO X10 Watch !

                                                                  Route choice with GPS

UFECTV VIDEO from the Race

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TICBCN 2010 - Barcelona