Nov 28, 2010

Unirea Alba Iulia Cross Race 2010

Last 2 days I was in Alba Iulia for my club`s ceremony for the best athletes of the club. On Friday evening me and Florin Tuncu did a 8km run at a high tempo. For the next day I decided to run the annual Unirea`s Cross Race that is held every year around the Romanian National Day on the 1st of December. It was fun to see all the veterans run and also the small children. The run was about 4km (on my Gps 3.6km). My time was around 12:38 and I was 10th in my category.
The oldest person to run the race was Despina Petre, 89 years old!
HERE you can find a article from the local newspaper and HERE are some photos.

Crosul Unirii 2010