Apr 27, 2011

Velikden Cup 2011

After the Ultra Long Championships in Baia Mare I traveled to Bucharest with Bogya Tamas, Andreea Danila and Suciu Simion. We had to take the anti-doping test and the annual medical test. After this only Tamas remained in Bucharest, because on Friday morning we would have left for Velikden Cup 2011, in Targovishte, Bulgaria. It was nice having Tamas around for training. On Friday we were close not to get to the start of the Prologue (One Man Relay) because we had to stay more than 1h in the border between Romania and Bulgaria. Everybody seemed to go to Bulgaria to spend their Easter Weekend!
The rush to get to the competition seemed to have got to me as i just couldn`t concentrate on the course and did 3 big mistakes that cost me a lot of time.


For the second day of competition we went to the same village as the One Man Relay. Only this time we had a forest sprint. My running speed was good and even though I did only a small mistake in the second control I had a good morale until i hurt my ankle a bit. From that point I just couldn`t concentrate on the map and I did 2 big mistakes. My result could have been by far a lot better.
P.S. Next time I will listen to Tamas and I will wear the Active Ankle no matter what!

Sprint Map

It`s now a tradition that every Velikden Cup has a banquet. This year it was nice, with good food and nice music (special thanks to Ursli Jordi for the great song).

After the first two bad days I wanted to do a good race in the middle distance, and so I did, with only some small mistakes and 2 somehow bad route choices. This time my map reading was good but my running speed was not. The stage was won by Kiril Nikolov with a fabulous time!

Middle Distance Map

For the last day, as usual in Velikden Cup, we had the Long Distance (WRE) - the map was good and the terrain was nice (even though on some downhill parts I had to move very slow because of my ankle). I did a clean and steady race, with only a bad route choice to the 8th control (lost 2 min) and some small errors. Probably I could have pushed harder with my running but I am satisfied with the result.

Long Distance Map

Results Velikden Cup 2011