Apr 11, 2011

Brown Cup 2011

Even though my morale was good after the marathon training last weekend, I didn`t manage to pull a good performance at this year`s Brown Cup. The sprint was nice but the scale 1:2500 and the weird interpretation of the walls made it very difficult. My performance could have been better in the sprint but I did a lot of mistakes do to the fact that i was trying to run at high speed but the conditions were not very good for fast running. I should have been disqualified because I jumped a lot of walls but so did everyone else because it was almost impossible to avoid every wall.

Sprint Results

For the middle distance I had a good feeling, and I started really good. But after a small mistake in the 2nd control, on the route to the 3rd I felt down bad and hurt again my right ankle. So from there was only slow running and almost no orienteering problem. Only when I changed a bit the speed from 16th control to the 17th I did a big mistake going straight to 18th. My performance overall was not very bad but the speed was low. I was sad about my performance yesterday and just couldn`t get why me every time.
I will try to protect my ankle this week in order to be in good shape for the Ultra Long Distance National Champs next weekend.

Results Middle Distance (WRE)

Maps and more photos soon to come!
P.S.  I missed Veliko Tarnovo....