Feb 19, 2011

Winter Mountain Run - Piatra Mare 2011

Today me, Daniel Stroescu and Pasol Adrian left Bucharest early in the morning to get to Timisu de Jos, a place where we compete in a mountain running competition.All the way there, it rained a lot but when we got closer it started snowing. We knew from the start it will be difficult because during the last days the old snow melted forming ice (the bad part on the technical downhill). The fresh snow covered the ice but still, if you didn`t have spikes it was hard to push on the downhill part (I didn`t have spikes).
There we met with our friend Pepe Stupu and his wife Anca (thank you for the photos and for the snowman). After the start in the race, I was in the leading pack. After 1.5 km I took the lead and held it on the first part until the 7 Stairs Canyon.

After the big climb started I was also in the lead but it became more and more clear I won`t make it to Piatra Mare Cabin first.My lower back started hurting real bad and my feet were sliping on the fresh snow and after 1/4 of the climb some guys passed me. At the cabin I was 2 min behind the leading pack. I started pushing real hard on the downhill and caught a guy real fast. But for me it was horror to run on the downhill. My legs were tired and they just wouldn`t listen to me on some parts. I fell down a couple of times and my right knee started hurting a bit. I tried to push where the terrain would allow me to. On the last part i mistook the path and got caught up by Daniel and Adi. I was so mad thinking that i was in front of them all the time and because of a stupid mistake I would lose. I started pushing very hard and passed them quick and also some other runners. I finished 7th, with a time of 1h 35:00 min. The winner had the time of 1h 28:26 min. After I finished I started discovering my injuries. ( I felt down 4-5 times at full speed). So I hurt my left tibia, my right knee and on the right part of my shoulder. Nothing serious but still, it hurts.

The organizers told us that the course has 14km with 930 of climb. The information was correct for the climb but it was only 11km, at least that is what the GPS said. It was a nice run no mater the harsh conditions. Will also run there in the summer and I am curious to see how my time will be then

Daniel Stroescu finished close to me on the 9th position and Adi Pasol was 11th. Congrats to Pepe who finished 2nd, very close to the winner.

Alergare Montana - Piatra Mare 2011