Feb 1, 2011

Running Semi - Marathon Gerar 2011

This Sunday me and my team (Orienteering Team) ran the event called Semi-Marathon Gerar. 21km - 6x 3.5 km laps. We started with good speed and after 2 laps we were around 7th place.

Cosmin started not to feel good and we tried to stick with him but around 10th km it became clear that he can`t finish so me and Daniel decided to finish the race without him. We started speeding up and started catching a lot of teams that passed us while we were waiting for Cosmin.
Our finishing time was 103:12 (including the time we stopped to wait for Cosmin to recover and the time we spent to recharge with energy gel and water). We would have finished in 9th place even with this problems.

I think if Cosmin would have felt good our time would have been around 96 min and that would have placed us in Top 5. Anyway it was a nice experience and a very good training. The atmosphere was great and the organization the same. I can only wish for more and more competitions like this not only in Bucharest but in all Romania.
Congratulations to the winners and to all of those who finished with full team no matter their result.


Semi-Maraton Gerar 2011

P.S. More photos to come!