May 29, 2012

The Way To RUN: Hercules Marathon 2012 !

After the awful week that ended up in failure at EcoMarathon, I really doubted myself and my capability to run a mountain marathon. I wanted to prove it to myself that Moeciu was only a bad moment in my life. I registered for Hercules Marathon with the sole idea to give it all my best, even though I trained very hard for the next weekend: Bucharest International Half Marathon.
So there I was on the road to Baile Herculane with Dan, Alex and Ana. I didn`t feel nervous but at the moment I reached the place where we took our bibs I started feeling pressure in my mind and body. The next morning I was ready to start and this time things didn`t feel bad in my mind and body, on the contrary I was feeling calm and strong. I started fast and I was in the second pack when the climb started. My objective was to be in the top 10 and not get beaten up by the mountain running legend Emanuela Brizio! All the race I felt strong and confident and ran most of the uphill parts. All the race I felt the pressure of Emanuela even though I knew she was some way behind. It was also really nice to ran and talk with Balan and Marius Roca. After 30 km I passed Marius and Balan was in front and I couldn`t see him anymore. I was alone and tried to run as hard as I could both downhill and uphill. 5km before the end, where the last downhill starts I saw Emanuela Brizio, around 2 min behind me and from that point I pushed very hard on the downhill even though my fingers were hurting very bad because of the socks that were destroyed during the race. In the last part of the downhill I was running and crying, something like a release of emotions that were inside me since EcoMarathon!
I finished the race with the time of 4 hours 42 mins and 31 seconds, 8th in the OPEN category and 5th in my age group, under 1 hours of my friend Ionut Zinca who won again with style and in front of Emanuela Brizio. Now I only hope to receover fast so I can run as good as I can at Bucharest International Half Marathon!
Also Daniel had a good race finishing 7th in the Half Marathonand Ana did good at her second attempt in a mountain competition. I am also very happy for my team mate Andreea Danila who took 3rd place in the  Half Marathon also.

See you out there!

Results Hercules Marathon 2012

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