Aug 21, 2011

First run in ages...

After I came back home from Fagaras, I had a big pain in the exterior of my left knee. I went to the doctor and he explained the problem to me. So it seems that for the time being I just have to be careful and protect the knee as much as I can. Friday, I got a message on Facebook, from Silviu Buciuc, asking me if I want to join a trail run the next day. My answer was clearly YES, as I was feeling good with my knee and was in a big mood for running. I contacted also Daniel Stroescu and we left Bucharest with a clear destination.

The run was nice, in a very easy pace. Baiului Mountains are new to me, but it seems they are very nice for not so technical trail running. All around it was a very nice day. with more than 20km ran and 1300 climb.

My knee started hurting a bit in the last part but that didn`t change my good mood!Today I rest and starting from tomorrow I am getting ready for the Romanian Cup in orienteering, next weekend in Cluj!