Mar 28, 2011

DSQ Weekend at Izvoru Muresului

Not that many words that I can use to describe how I felt this weekend. I thought i was ready for running but my body had different opinion. Probably the sprint would have been ok for me. But I`ve done a big mistake and took the loop in the opposite direction so I ended up being DSQ. The sprint itself was a small disaster but everyone in Romania is used to this. We all see how orienteering is around here and still come to competitions that are organized like in the stone age. So the runners that just talk and do not act are also to blame!

For the mountain race of the next day I didn`t had any expectations. Just wanted to finish at least 6km there but my ankle just couldn`t take the very steep downhill. I had to stop because I was risking injuries to my left foot also. Again organization problems (I hope they were because of stupidity not on purpose). I ran only 4km and after that I "enjoyed" the rest of the race from the side line. Congrats to those who finished with a good time !
I don`t feel very good mentally right now. It is so difficult running all winter and when it comes to proving at least for yourself where you stand you just can`t perform at 100%. Probably I should have stayed home and spear some of the club`s money...Hope to get back on track soon!

I`ll post the map in my archive. Photos are available HERE! Results from the Sprint can be found HERE!

P.S. All the orienteering in Romania will soon be DSQ!We deserve it!