Jan 26, 2011

Bad Day Tomorrow

Today me and the guys from my team, for the semi-marathon competition in the weekend, did our last training together. It was a nice run in the forest, the only problem was with the big fresh-snow but we managed to survive it and we have a positive feeling for Sunday.
And not let me get to the bad part. Tomorrow I have a exam in college and after that I go to the hospital to see what is with the pain I have been experiencing in my lower right part of the body, just under the abdomen. I have a bad feeling about it but I can only hope for the best. Keep your fingers crossed not only for my difficult day tomorrow but also for the semi-marathon.

P.S. I hope just that I won`t meet this kind of doctor!

P.S. 2 Starting from yesterday you can find my blog on World Of O`s second page!